Where will your Arabian Adventure take you?

اهلين وسهلين في سلطنة عمان

Oman is located at the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula and unlike the United Arab Emirates, it’s brasher neighbour, it’s a refreshing reminder of a bygone age. Although Oman can offer all the modern amenities you could wish for it’s cultural traditions remain remarkably unchanged and it’s landscape unspoilt by overdevelopment.

You can visit empty, white sand beaches and see traditional, mudbrick villages hidden amidst sprawling date plantations or clinging to the sides of craggy mountains. The towering mountain chains are scattered with canyons and wadis that beg to be explored and then there’s the vast expanse of desert with windswept dunes disappearing into the distance.

Last year Oman was voted the 4th safest country in the world for tourists in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report published by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The Omani people will welcome you with unparalled hospitality and warmth and you will find yourself seduced by the beauty and diversity of the country.

Arrive as a client and leave as our friend!

Abdullah and the team

Experience the beauty of the desert

Sharqiya Sands, known locally as Wahiba sands, is only 250km from Muscat and can be experienced as a day trip but the majesty of the night sky and the beauty of dawn in the dunes makes an overnight stay a worthwhile part of your trip. Home to the Bedu, Wahiba Sands offers visitors a glimpse of a traditional way of life that is fast disappearing as modern conveniences limit the need for a nomadic existence.

Muhammad Shoaib's photo of Mutrah Seafront at Dusk, Muscat, Oman

Day trips from Muscat

Oman is the oldest of the gulf states and is often considered to be one of the most beautiful. Take a city tour of Muscat and see the Sultan’s palace and the magnificent Sultan Qaboos mosque. Also within easy reach of Muscat you can experience everything from ancient forts, castles and souqs, lush green wadis, spectacular mountains, the rolling sand dunes of the desert and stunning white sand beaches of the coastline. There really is something for everyone.

Wildlife of Oman

The wide range of wildlife includes the spinner dolphins that frolic off the coast at Muscat, four species of turtles that lay their eggs on the beaches and ospreys, terns, steppe eagles and crested honey buzzards that can be seen near Salalah to the south. Oman is also home to several endangered species including oryx and the Arabian leopard.

Day trips from Muscat

Contact us now to arrange your day trip from Muscat, or other cities, if you’re holiday base is elsewhere.

Choose from a selection of day tours, adventures and experiences inlcuding visiting the mystical Wahiba Sands, Jebel Shams, ancient Jebel Akhdar, one of Oman’s beautiful hot spring wadis, a breathtaking trip along coastal road or a tour of Muscat City.

We will cater to your requirements so get in touch with us to arrange your perfect trip!

Day tours, adventures and experiences

Check out our latest tours below

  • Coastal road experience

    Your guide will meet you at your hotel in Muscat and you will drive along the coast firstly to Wadi Shab. Here you will take a short boat ride before walking through the verdant wadi towards the crystal, clear pools where you can swim. The highlight of a visit to Wadi Shab is swimming into…

  • Muscat City Tour

    Your guide will meet you at your hotel and take you to Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque (except Fridays when it is closed to non-Muslims). Construction of the mosque took six years and it was inaugurated by Oman’s beloved father, Sultan Qaboos on 4th May 2001. After your tour of the mosque you will drive along…

  • Nizwa and Jebel Akhdar

    Your guide will meet you at your hotel in Muscat and you will drive to Nizwa, one of the oldest cities in Oman. Here you will visit the fort which was completed in the 1650s and is one of the oldest and largest in the country; characterised by it’s height, solid fortification and unique position…

  • The Grand Canyon of Oman

    Your guide will pick you up from your hotel in Muscat and drive the 240km to Jebel Shams, the Grand Canyon of Oman. Jebel Shams is the highest peak in Oman at 3,028m. You will stop at Wadi Ghul at the base of the mountain along the way. Jebel Shams is the perfect place to…

  • Villages, desert and dunes

    Desert Oasis

    Your guide will meet you at your hotel in Muscat and you will drive to the village of Fanja which is situated next to an extensive palm grove that runs alongside Wadi Fanja. Here you will have the opportunity to take photos of the old mud houses and Bid Bid castle. The next stop will…

  • Wadi Bani Auf and Snake Canyon

    Your guide will meet you at your hotel and your trip will start in Nakhl where you can visit the 17th century fort and the nearby thermal, hot springs. You will next head to Wadi Bani Auf which is widely considered to be the most memorable off-road drive in the country. This is Oman at…

Multi day trips

Whether you want 5 star luxury or camping under the stars we can tailor-make your dream trip around Oman.

Check out the following pages for some ideas or any of our day trips can be connected to make a multi day trip. Alternatively let us know if you have your own ideas of places you’d like to visit and we can arrange an itinerary for you!

]Top picture is the pool of a 5* hotel with palm trees and sun loungers and the bottom picture is a tent in the desert at night with thousands of stars visible

  • Island camping odyssey

    Your guide will meet you at your hotel and drive you to the marina for a 45 minute boat trip to the Daymaniyat Islands. The waters around the islands boast excellent visibility, abundant soft and hard corals, shoals of colourful tropical fish as well as larger marine life including leopard sharks, barracuda, moray eels, rays,…

Wildlife of Oman

Despite being considered by many to be mainly a desert country, Oman has a varied wildlife both on land and in its surrounding waters. Mammals such as the leopard, the oryx, gazelles, the tahr, the ibex, desert foxes and wild cats can be found and the waters around Oman are home to twenty-two species of whales and dolphins.

Thousands of sea turtles migrate annually from the shores of the Arabian Gulf, the Red Sea and Somalia to lay their eggs on the Sultanate’s shores. Oman has five of the seven species of sea turtles. They are: The Green Turtle, found on most Omani beaches and plentiful in Ras Al Hadd, Ras Al Jinz, Masirah Island and Ad Daymaniyat Islands; the Loggerhead Turtle that nests on Masirah Island, the shores of Dhofar and Ad Daymaniyat Islands; the Hawksbill Turtle that nests on the shores of Muscat and Ad Daymaniyat Islands; the Olive Ridley Turtle that nests on Masirah Island; and the Leatherback Turtle which is found in Omani waters but does not nest in the Sultanate.