Your guide will meet you at your hotel and your trip will start in Nakhl where you can visit the 17th century fort and the nearby thermal, hot springs.

A turret of Nakhl fort with the Al Hajar mountains in the background
A view of the upper floor of Nakhl fort
A view of Nakhl fort with the Al Hajar mountains in the background



You will next head to Wadi Bani Auf which is widely considered to be the most memorable off-road drive in the country. This is Oman at its most nerve-janglingly dramatic, with stupendous scenery and a different photo opportunity around every bend. You will have time to hike into Snake Canyon with it’s towering cliffs on either side for a picnic lunch. The deep pools are perfect for a cooling swim on a hot day.

A white 4 is parked at the top of a steep track in Wadi Bani Awf
Abdullah Al Raisi sits on a rock in Snake Canyon with a male tourist having a picnic lunch
A deep, clear pool of water flows between the towering cliff walls of Snake Canyonflow


The village of Bilad Sayt can be seen at the foot of the Al Hajar mountains

After your hike you will continue through Wadi Bani Awf to the scenic village of Bilad Sayt, set on the north east slope of the Al Hajar mountains before returning to Muscat.

Proper footwear is required for this tour as the boulders and stones on the hike into Snake Canyon are smooth and can be slippery.

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