The Musandam Governorate is a mountainous Omani peninsula projecting into the Strait of Hormuz, separated from the rest of the country by the United Arab Emirates. Often described as the ‘Norway of Arabia’ the peninsula boasts a magical combination of mountain and maritime landscapes with the towering red-rock Hajar mountains falling precipitously into the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf. The labyrinthine system of steep sided fjords, known as khors, cliffs and islands are mostly inaccessible except by boat.

The entrance to to Khasab fort with the Omani flag flying above the gate
A group of men bring in their fishing nets on the beach in Musandam while others watch from small boats
A winding road descends the hillside to a deep blue fjord in Musandam

Khasab is the main town in Musandam and is the perfect base for arranging boat and diving trips to Khor ash Sham which is the largest khor as well as for mountain safaris up the mighty Jebel Harim, the highest peak.

Musandam can be reached by plane or ferry from Muscat or by road from Dubai.

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Dhow cruise from Musandam

A dhow in the crystal blue waters of Musandam
Image by Banja-Frans Mulder
The deck of a traditional dhow with a central carpet and seating cushions around the edge
A man stands at the front of a dhow