Experience the beauty of the desert

Sharqiya Sands, known locally as Wahiba sands, is only 250km from Muscat and can be experienced as a day trip but the majesty of the night sky and the beauty of dawn in the dunes makes an overnight stay a worthwhile part of your trip. Home to the Bedu, Wahiba Sands offers visitors a glimpse of a traditional way of life that is fast disappearing as modern conveniences limit the need for a nomadic existence.

Day trips from Muscat

Oman is the oldest of the gulf states and is often considered to be one of the most beautiful. Take a city tour of Muscat and see the Sultan’s palace and the magnificent Sultan Qaboos mosque. Also within easy reach of Muscat you can experience everything from ancient forts, castles and souqs, lush green wadis, spectacular mountains, the rolling sand dunes of the desert and stunning white sand beaches of the coastline. There really is something for everyone.

Wildlife of Oman

The wide range of wildlife includes the spinner dolphins that frolic off the coast at Muscat, four species of turtles that lay their eggs on the beaches and ospreys, terns, steppe eagles and crested honey buzzards that can be seen near Salalah to the south. Oman is also home to several endangered species including oryx and the Arabian leopard.